5 things to consider when picking a doggie day care


Thinking about taking your dog to doggie daycare? They are great to let your pooch socialize, get plenty of playtime and to have the peace of mind that they are being taken care of while you are at work.

Here are five helpful tips to consider when evaluating the best doggie day care. 

  1. Total playtime

Some facilities have specific times for how long your dog will get to interact with other dogs. All dogs do need to take a break throughout the day, but we found that there are restrictions and specific play hours for your pup.

  1. Staff & Facilities

The staff and facilities make all the difference. The size of some of the facilities that allow your dog to run and play and the care that they receive is what set different locations apart.

  1. Dog interaction & playpen separation

Our pup is highly playful and a large sized breed. Some daycare locations had dogs of all sizes playing together and others had them separated by size and activity level. Since our pup can be very playful, we liked the locations that would separate them out by size so we wouldn’t have to worry as much about her interactions with smaller dogs.

  1. Cost

Most daycares offer a cheaper price for buying a bundle of days. The daycares that we looked at ranged from $20-$40/day. This was a lot cheaper than some of the professional pet sitter options that we looked into that come and walk/let your pet out for 30 minutes to an hour.

  1. Webcams

This has been more of a piece of mind thing for me, but I love being able to check in on my pup through the day with doggie webcams. As with any webcam and live feed, the quality can vary vastly where you can’t tell a Rottweiler apart from a Chihuahua.

Do you take your dog to daycare? Tell us your helpful hints at picking the perfect spot in the comments!

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