The Ultimate Country List Lookup/Reference Table: Find Your Way Around the Globe

Data entry across business platforms and forms can often be inconsistent leading to several values representing the same thing or having duplicates. An example where you may be trying to analyze sales for the United States across several data sources is that the United States and it may come across in your data as USA, US, United States, United States of America, etc. when they all represent the same country that you want to consolidate into one country for analysis.

Utilizing a country lookup/reference table can be helpful to be able to analyze your data more effectively.

Important note: There are some political and cultural differences associated with the variations so it is always best to use the official name.

Free Template – Copy for Country Lookup/Reference Table

Download your free copy here that you can easily copy and paste into an existing sheet or workbook to clean up your country data that exists from other workbooks/spreadsheets.

What is in the country lookup/reference table

  • This template provides a list of countries
  • Includes their two/three-digit ISO code, dialing prefix, and common variations

How to use the template for fiscal year

  • Utilize a VLOOKUP function into your existing data in conjunction with this spreadsheet
  • Once you make a copy of the template you will be able to modify it for your own needs.

Download Free Country Reference/Lookup Table


Country reference lookup table

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