10 Things Every Golden Retriever Lover Needs in Their Life


There isn’t a better breed out there or a more loyal furry friend. Check out our list of things that every golden retriever lover needs.

Thanks for reading our recommendations! By the way, we may collect a small amount of sales from these product links.

1. Golden retriever copper cookie cutter

This can be great for making treats for your dog in a different shape than a dog bone.

2. A duvet cover with your favorite dog’s face on it

I mean who doesn’t need this for their guest room with to showcase their love for that special pooch in their life?

3. Knee high golden retriever socks

They will keep you warm and toasty and are a fun fashion statement for how much you love golden retrievers.

4. Car sticker

When your fur baby is on board you want people to know.

5. My patronus is a Golden Retriever t-shirt

Combine two of the best things in the world – Golden Retrievers and Harry Potter.

6. Golden retriever mug – This is how I roll

This mug is on point with how much your favorite sheds.

7. Golden retriever building kit

This versatile piece can go anywhere – on your desk so you never forget who your favorite friend is.

8. Golden retriever makeup bag

So you can travel in style and think of your favorite friend.

9. Golden Retriever Notebook

So you can write about the cutest dog breed ever and what adventures they get up to.

10. Watercolor

So you can decorate your pad oh so chic.

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