Pink toy with slots


Each side features nine rubbery slots about a quarter inch apart where you can add small KONG cookies. These rubbery slots for treats outside make it way too easy for your dog to get through them and get to them without much effort. The hallowed middle is the best part where you can stuff treats in for your dog to have to work for it. It opens about half an inch and her snout doesn’t fit in to get anything in there easily. We usually stuff in four baby carrots to fit in there perfectly. Kea is able to get out the first couple in less than five minutes but the last couple has been harder for her to get out. She loves to drop the toy to try and get them out.

Kea didn’t have much interest in this toy when she first got it but she grew to love it once we stuffed some carrots in there. She is usually a very aggressive chewer and I expected her to tear this apart but she hasn’t after having the toy for over six months. It has been a durable toy and one of her toys that hasn’t been shredded to pieces.

We would highly recommend this toy as a fun option for stuffing treats into for your dog to be occupied for 10 minutes.

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