KONG Reflective Padded Dog Collar


The Critic

Our fluffy one-year-old golden retriever, Kea who is very active.

KONG Reflective Padded Dog Collar

  • Value for money: Good
  • Quality: 4 stars
  • Cost: $20

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KONG Reflective Padded Dog Collar

This collar has lots of padding and it stays in place for active dogs. There is a reflective shinny part on the outside edges so that you can spot your pooch in the dark. So far this hasn’t been as smelly as her previous collar when we wash it. Like every collar that we get she always scratches at it, but it hasn’t been as itchy on her as her previous collar that didn’t have as much padding. It has a sturdy clasp and it is thicker with the padding for overall comfort. It has also been really durable with the extra thickness. We bought the pink version and it is a darker magenta color. In terms of sizing we got the large version for our one and a half year old golden retriever, which is 18-26 inches and it fits perfectly for her. The only part that wasn’t that durable is the nametag hook. It came off after a couple weeks (with puppy playtime at daycare). We were able to easily fasten the nametag to the sturdier clasp for the leash hook. We would highly recommend this collar for anyone looking for a comfy collar for their pooch.

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