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The Critic

Our fluffy one-year-old golden retriever, Kea who loves to chew into her toys and squeak around the house.

KONG Jumbler Ball

  • Value for money: Good for dogs that love squeaky toys and balls
  • Quality: 4 stars
  • Cost: $20 for a pack of two

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This ball provides hours of fun for your pooch. There is a squeaker inside that is LOUD so Kea would race around the yard and through the living room. The tennis ball inside rolls around and tennis balls are one of her favorites to shred into so this toy was a hit. There is a handle on it so you can toss the ball easily for your pooch to chase. It isn’t too heavy to toss and we got the medium one, which was a perfect size for a golden retriever.

This isn’t super durable for an aggressive chewer. It did last a week though which is a lot longer than most of her toys. She was able to tear a hole and then starting shredding it apart so we had to throw it away. We did give her the tennis ball after she tore the toy apart but she also tore it up within minutes. It was really fun while it lasted and I would purchase another one even knowing that she will completely destroy it since she had so much fun with it.

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