Review: KONG Comfort Padded Dog Harness


The Critic

Our active one-year old Golden Retriever who loves to walk in the CO outdoors.

KONG Comfort Padded Dog Harness

  • Value for money: Good
  • Quality: 5 stars
  • Cost: $30

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Walk & Run with the KONG Comfort Harness

This version of the harness has a 1.5” strap that has padding underneath for the benefit of your dog. The two clasps secure your dog easily. The front chest part is padded for maximum comfort. The best part of this harness is the handle at the top. The padded handle and make it easy for gripping if you need your dog to stay close by. The harness connects to the leash in the middle of the back so when they pull, it tugs mostly in the center.

In terms of your dog Houdini style escaping this, the adjustable part around their belly and neck area make it harder to get out of. That being said, if you dog tries to back it up and pulls they may be able to escape. Kea has gotten out of this harness twice, but we didn’t have the straps properly adjusted. This harness has been better than other ones that we have tried due to the padding and straps on it. The durability of the harness has been great as well. The thick straps have lasted and haven’t got any tears in them after over six months of use from walking twice a day with a very active dog.

The newer version of this doesn’t feature as much padding and the straps are a lot skinnier, so we are glad to have this version and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a harness.

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