Camp Bow Wow: Doggie Day Care Review


The Critic

Our fluffy one year old golden retriever, Kea.

Doggie Daycare

  • Value for money: Great, fairly priced for amount of playtime
  • Review: 5 stars
  • Camera quality: 4 stars, really good
  • Playtime: All day, 1 hour break for lunch
  • Cost: $25/day

They do a trial day (which is free!) to see how your pup interacts with other campers. I received a progress report and a breakdown of her day and the pups that she played with. They split the dogs up by size and activity level, which was great to know that she would be with similar sized dogs.

This was the third day care that we took our pup to and is by far the best. The staff here are excellent, I couldn’t recommend them more and everyone there knew her name within a couple days of taking her. They take the time to explain several different policies and health factors for dogs at day care (bloat, no toys, kennel cough) for the health and well being of your pooch. Camp Bow Wow has longer hours than some of the other locations and is an all day play zone for her. I usually drop her off around 7 am and pick her up at 4:30 and she gets in a full day of play here, with an hour for lunchtime/break.

The app that is available allows me to check in on her during the day and see who she is making friends with. The quality of the video is very good so I can easily identify her even when there are several other golden retrievers there. The video can be slightly jumpy from time to time, but it is high quality so that you can keep track of your pup. There are several Camp Bow Wow locations throughout the country and I wouldn’t take her anywhere else.



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