The Lowdown: Regular Toothbrush vs Finger Toothbrush


My puppy is like a small child that has to go to the dentist whenever we bust out the toothbrush. She tries to hide and keeps her mouth clenched like the jaws of a lion, but once we start brushing she is really good. I’m not going to lie, when we bought a toothbrush package that had both I thought that the finger toothbrush was a cover for the regular one. We both options now and here is what I have found when using each of them.

Finger toothbrushRegular toothbrush
ReachBrushing in the back isn’t as easyLonger handle makes it easier to get in the back
ControlEasier to feel where you are brushing and offers more control especially with the gums.Easier to get to the back of mouth with longer handle and dog being fussy.
Dog squirmingDefinitely harder for a dog that doesn’t enjoy getting their teeth brushed.Easier to get in there quick and get the brushing done.
CleaningFelt like this got her teeth cleaner since there was more control.Bristles do a good job of cleaning but it is harder to feel where you are brushing.
BristlesSofter and easier to brush gums.Soft bristles that didn’t make her gums bleed.
Cost$7 for a pack of 6$8 for a pack of 6


Overall, I prefer the regular toothbrush because it is easier to brush her teeth with it. The finger brush felt like it did a better job of cleaning though.

Which do you prefer? Tell us in the comments!

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