Weird Hangout Habits


We often find our golden retriever in the oddest places around the house. I wonder why she likes to be there but she will hang out in some of these places for hours.

Here are the top four weirdest places our dog hangs out:

  1. Coffee table
    • I can’t imagine that it is a super comfortable, but it can be a cool spot to lie and how prime viewing to the front of the house where she can watch people and puppies go by.
  2. Bathtub
    • She often lies here on hotter days and curls up into a ball to sleep for a couple hours.
  3. Behind the couch
    • We have a gap about 15 inches behind our couch and the wall. Our pup is often found behind there hanging out, mostly with toys. I think it is a place where she can hide toys under the couch since I have found several surprises back there.
  4. Shoe tray
    • When she was a puppy she loved to hang out in the shoe tray. She doesn’t fit there anymore but she still loves the smell of shoes and carrying them around the house.

Where is the weirdest place that your dog hangs out? Tell us in the comments!

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