Awesome DIY Easter Basket for Your Dog


An Easter basket for that special furry friend in your life is a must. Create your own Easter basket with treats and toys for dog and send them on a hunt to find it!

I grabbed all the essentials for the perfect Easter basket at two stores. Total cost of the basket was $26.50 (not including the treats that we already had at home).


  • Easter basket – $5
  • Carrot sack to stuff treats in – $2
  • Bunny plastic eggs – $1.50


  • Peeps bunny squeaky toy – $4
  • KONG Squeezz Crackle Ball -$6
  • Double tennis ball with rope toy – $5
  • Circular spike rim squeaky toy – $3

Petsmart often has sales on toys leading up to holidays, so I went the week before to check out sales. The Peeps squeaky toy was too adorable not to get. I knew Kea would tear it to shreds when she got ahold of it (which she did), but Peeps are a sugary staple of Easter. It was worth the buy to see her happy face carry it around and destroy it in less than five minutes.

Tip: Petsmart has a sale bid in the toy section. Make sure you hit that up to grab a bargain! There were lots of Toy R Us brand dog toys that were marked down.


We already had these at home, so I used them to stuff into the carrot bag and plastic bunnies:

  • Zuke’s Crunchy Naturals
  • Pet Botanic’s Mini Training Reward
  • Fruitables Pumpkin and Banana Treats
  • Baby carrots

Use what treats you have at home to create a scavenger hunt for your pup.

Dog Easter Basket Treats

I filled the carrot bag up with baby carrots since she is on a diet. The plastic Easter egg bunnies came in a pack of three so I filled those up with each of the different types of treats that we already had at the house. I let her sniff them once I filled them up and then hid them around the backyard. She found her favorite treats first – the Zuke’s filled bunny. She found the rest of them and was happily rewarded.

Easter Bunny with Kea

Of course, no Easter is complete without a trip to see the Easter bunny. Petsmart offered free photos with the Easter bunny and some ice cream. This shot took about five minutes to get. She was TERRIFIED of getting close to the Easter bunny. We had to bribe her with some toys and treats to get her kind of close and after about five minutes she still didn’t trust the bunny but sat close. We also received a $5 coupon to spend on her toys.

Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

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