4 Facts About Bully Sticks


Has your dog ever had a bully stick? We hate to break it to you, but the toy that keeps your pup occupied is a penis.

What are bully sticks made of?

Bully sticks (aka pizzle sticks) are made of bull penises. They come in a variety of sizes and can be braided, rings, straight and other shapes.

How many calories are in a bully stick?

A study from Tufts revealed that they contain between 9-22 calories per inch (1). This can add a hefty amount of calories to your pup’s diet, so they should be eaten in moderation as a treat.

Why do bully sticks smell so bad?

Once your pup starts to chew it and it becomes soft, the smell is TERRIBLE. Since they are made from bull penis the smell comes from the residual moisture and sometimes urine. There are odor free bully sticks available that don’t stink up the entire house. They still have some smell but aren’t nearly as bad as the bully sticks that aren’t odor free. The odor free sticks are dried for a longer period to help reduce the smell and cleaned better.

How long will the bully stick last?

My pup is an aggressive chewer and will chew through a six-inch bully stick in less than 40 minutes. They are great for keeping dogs occupied and dogs love them. Once the stick is at a shorter length, keep an eye on your dog in case they like to swallow larger pieces of food without fully chewing it.



1. Kalimah Redd Knight. Misconceptions About A Popular Pet Treat. January 2013.

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