Doggie Splash


At the end of summer, pools often open their doors to let our furry friends enjoy a day in the sun splashing around. The lower the chlorine levels for the event that is fun for the whole family. Dogs are the only ones allowed in the pool that day, but humans can stand around and watch their furry friends splash around.

Highlights of Doggie Splash:

  • 1-Hour of splash time specifically for smaller dogs
  • Fenced in area
  • Small $10 entry fee

I’m not sure who had more fun that day, Kea or me. There were TONS of dogs there and it was the happiest place. The event was held at the Highlands Ranch Rec Center at Westridge. The area is fenced off and each entry/exit point was well staffed to make sure no one escaped. The little ones had their own hour to splash around before they opened the pool to dogs of all sizes.

The pool has a beachfront entrance and was filled with hundreds of tennis balls. Dogs were running around, splashing and loving every second of it. When we went to the event, Kea had never been swimming before so the graduated entrance was perfect for her to get her paws wet and paddle around. The main area of the pool goes to three feet deep and there were life jackets available for $5. There was also a few booths set up for sponsors and treats for sale. Overall a great day and we will be back next year.

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